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Tyara Hooks
Born December 1, 1994
Hometown Alpharetta, Georgia
Show History
Season Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Episodes 11
Social Media

Tyara Hooks is an original roommate on Real World Seattle: Bad Blood.

Her Bad Blood is her former high school classmate and "bully" Kimberly.

Tyara had grew up in England in her childhood and moved back to Georgia in high school. There, she had dealt with bullying from her classmates specifically her Bad Blood Kimberly, who Tyara claims to have cyberbullied her for a long time.

In her early days in the house, Tyara struggles to befriend her roommates, finding comfort only in Theo, who she grows a romantic relationship with. She often finds herself at odds with her roommates due to her distrust from people. In Episode 10, Tyara finds out that she is pregnant from an ex from back home and she decides to leave the house in Episode 11.


Tyara and Kim went to high school together, and according to Tyara, Kim has never liked her. The past classmates have dueling social media platforms -- Kim on Tumblr and Tyara on Instagram -- which is where the foundation of their strife was built. However, the main beef stems from Tyara’s accusations that Kim posted videos on Tumblr which mocked Tyara -- and that Kim’s social media fans bullied Tyara in Kim’s name. Meanwhile, Kim recalls that Tyara made a video of herself speaking in a British accent -- an accent Kim asserts is not real and did not exist in high school. In Kim’s eyes, she was just simply bringing that fact to light; however, Tyara notes that she has family overseas, which is where her accent originated.

But the anger runs deeper: After Kim broke up with her rapper boyfriend in high school, Tyara started dating him, which she believes hurt Kim. Regardless of who’s jealous and who’s faking it, there’s no love lost between these popular beauties. They are both head-turners who are used to getting their way. In the house, Tya won’t take kindly to Kim critiquing her every move -- and Kim’s inability to keep her mouth shut means these two will be headed down an explosive path. Tya has a strong hatred for Kim and will use this opportunity to get revenge.


After Real World

Not much is known about Tyara after she finished filming in Seattle.