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Tovah Marx
Hometown Scottsdale, Arizona
Show History
Season The Real World: Atlanta
Social Media
Twitter tovahmarx
Instagram tovahmarx

Tovah Marx is a roommate on The Real World: Atlanta. She is a social worker who dreams of opening her own foster home. She suffered a traumatic past with verbal and emotional abuse from an ex-boyfriend and bullying. Despite this, she carries a positive attitude and is often the life of the party. In Episode 6, Tovah reveals that she lost her virginity at 17 due to a rape which explains her hesitance towards her relationship with Clint. Her relationship with Clint alarms the rest of the house due to Clint's controlling behavior towards her. The two finally break-up after a rocky romance in Episode 9 after Tovah hesitates on moving in with Clint after the season's over.