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The Real World: Las Vegas
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Season Information
Season No. 25
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Season Run March 9, 2011 – June 8, 2011
No. of Episodes 13
Starring Adam Royer
Dustin Zito
Heather Marter
Leroy Garrett
Michael Ross
Nany González
Naomi Defensor
Heather Cooke
Season Chronology
Previous The Real World: New Orleans
Next The Real World: San Diego

The Real World: Las Vegas (sometimes referred to as The Real World: Back to Las Vegas) is the twenty-fifth season of MTV's reality television series The Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.


In this season, the cast interns with a charity called the Athlete Recovery Fund, doing weekly assignments, such as working at motorbike events.


The Real World season 25 residence

A custom suite was built at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where the cast resided. Hard Rock President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Magliarditi commented, "We are very excited to partner with MTV and their hit reality show series The Real World for the 25th season in Las Vegas...We look forward to hosting the new cast." The penthouse suite for the cast has a large set living room, four bedrooms, and built-in bowling alley.


Cast Member Age* Hometown
Adam Royer 22 Falmouth, Maine
Dustin Zito 24 Rayne, Louisiana
Heather Marter 21 Delran, New Jersey
Leroy Garrett 25 Romulus, Michigan
Michael Ross 23 Nokesville, Virginia
Nany González 21 Jamestown, New York
Naomi Defensor 22 The Bronx, New York
Heather Cooke 21 California, Maryland

*Age at the time of filming


Episode Title Original Air Date Viewership
1 "Welcome to Las Vegas" March 9, 2011 1.74
2 "Bottles, Bromance, and Broken Hearts" March 16, 2011 2.16
3 "Stands By Me" March 23, 2011 2.16
4 "Three Hook Ups and a Breakup" March 30, 2011 1.69
5 "Playas Gettin' Played" April 6, 2011 2.02
6 "Sexiles/Exiles" April 13, 2011 2.17
7 "Cooke Monsters" April 20, 2011 2.01
8 "Dustin Shows His Hand, Heather Folds" April 27, 2011 2.53
9 "Guys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Sex" May 4, 2011 2.27
10 "Who's Your Daddy?" May 11, 2011 2.07
11 "Oh Yeah, Mexico, Yeah" May 18, 2011 2.15
12 "Addicted to Love" May 25, 2011 1.70
13 "Leaving Las Vegas" June 1, 2011 2.18

Guest appearances

Motocross racer Carey Hart has a guest appearance in Episode 3.