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The Real World: Las Vegas
Season Information
Season No. 12
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Season Run September 17, 2002 – April 1, 2003
No. of Episodes 28
Starring Arissa Hill
Frank Roessler
Trishelle Cannatella
Alton Williams
Brynn Smith
Steven Hill
Irulan Wilson
Season Chronology
Previous The Real World: Chicago
Next The Real World: Paris

The Real World: Las Vegas is the twelfth season of MTV's reality television series The Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.

It is the first of three to be filmed in Las Vegas followed by season 25's The Real World: Las Vegas and season 31's Real World: Go Big or Go Home.


The Las Vegas housemates had various jobs throughout the season involving the Palms Casino and Resort in which they lived, including promotional work for the night club, Rain in the Desert, cocktail waiting, and go-go dancing.


The Palms Casino Hotel, where the cast resided.

The owner of The Palms Casino Hotel, where the season was filmed, asked for production to cast exclusively people over 21 years old. Thus this was the first season in which all the castmates were at least that old. The Palms demolished six rooms to make the hotel suite in which the season was filmed, at a cost of over $2 million USD. It was designed by Sharmila Tankha of the Jerde Partnership, the same firm that designed the hotel itself. Unlike previous Real World residences, the suite is not decorated with IKEA furnishings. The suite, which is now called "The Real World Suite", is one of few former Real World residences that not only overall remains in the condition in which it was used for filming (minor changes have been made, such as the addition of doors for the bedrooms, TV's and the removal of the Confessional), but in which the public can potentially reside. The hotel rents the suite for $11,200 a night (including tax), and has done so to numerous celebrities who have stayed there. Among them are Britney Spears, who stayed in the suite on New Year's Eve 2004


Cast Member Age* Hometown
Arissa Hill 22 Malden, Massachusetts
Frank Roessler 22 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Trishelle Cannatella 22 Cut Off, Louisiana
Brynn Smith 21 Portland, Oregon
Alton Williams 22 San Diego, California
Steven Hill 23 San Marcos, Texas
Irulan Wilson 21 Bronx, New York

*Age at the time of filming.

Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas

Due to the popularity of the season, MTV ordered the spin-off miniseries Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas that reunited the cast to live in the same Palms Hotel and Casino suite they filmed the original series in, five years after filming ended on The Real World: Las Vegas.