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The Real World: D.C.
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Season Information
Season No. 23
Location Washington, D.C.
Season Run December 30, 2009 – March 31, 2010
No. of Episodes 14
Starring Andrew Woods
Ashley Lindley
Callie Walker
Emily Schromm
Erika Lauren Wasilewski
Josh Colon
Mike Manning
Ty Ruff
Season Chronology
Previous The Real World: Cancun
Next The Real World: New Orleans

The Real World: D.C. (also known as The Real World: Washington, D.C.) is the twenty-third season of the MTV reality series, The Real World, which features eight strangers living in a house together as cameras follow their every move and interpersonal relationships.


There was no assignment this season, and the cast was given the freedom to pursue what they wanted. Various cast members are seen throughout the season pursuing both career opportunities and participating in internships and charity work with local businesses and organizations.


The Real World Season 23 house.

The cast members lived in a 10,800 ft2 (1,003 m2) house located at 2000 S Street, NW in Dupont Circle, a neighborhood known for its historic buildings, embassies, dining establishments, and its gay community. The cast members' four-story brownstone mansion was originally constructed in 1891 for a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad executive, James Mosher, and his new wife, Minnie. The building is a contributing property to the Dupont Circle Historic District and its property value is $5,692,000. It is now the permanent home of the Laogai Museum.

Four building permits were issued in May 2009, including one for demolition of the interior walls. Building plans show the first floor includes bedrooms, a game room, the Confessional, and a control room for the show's producers. The second floor includes the common area, telephone room, kitchen, bathrooms, and five "love sacks". The main control room is located on the home's third floor, while a conference room and offices are located on the fourth floor.


Cast Member Age* Hometown
Andrew Woods 21 Denver, Colorado
Ashley Lindley 22 Houston, Texas
Callie Walker 21 Huntsville, Texas
Emily Schromm 20 Columbia, Missouri
Erika Lauren Wasilewski 21 Chicago, Illinois
Josh Colon 23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mike Manning 22 Thornton, Colorado
Ty Ruff 22 Baltimore, Maryland

Note: (*) Age at the time of filming.


Episode Title Original Air Date
1 "Looks Can Be D.C.-ving" December 30, 2009
2 "Bipartisan Lovin'" January 6, 2010
3 "Playboys and Proper Portions" January 13, 2010
4 "The Princess and the Panda" January 20, 2010
5 "Love Hits a Sour Note" January 27, 2010
6 "When Push Comes to Shove" February 3, 2010
7 "Bitch Begins With Bi" February 10, 2010
8 "Out of the Closet and Onto the Stage" February 17, 2010
9 "Cheaters, Beaters, and Pavement Eaters" February 24, 2010
10 "Laughing Panda, Changing Ty" March 3, 2010
11 "Girlfriends and Dead Ends" March 10, 2010
12 "White House, Glass House" March 17, 2010
13 "Sisterhood and Brotherly Love" March 24, 2010
14 "From D.C., With Love" March 31, 2010

Guest appearances

The Washington Capitals hockey team, singer Melissa Etheridge and Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles make guest appearances this season, in which they interact with the cast. President Barack Obama also appears in two episodes in which cast member Andrew Woods, an aspiring cartoonist, attends a press conference with Washington Times senior correspondent Joe Curl as part of Woods' internship with the newspaper, and when cast member and LGBT rights activist Mike Manning attends the October 10, 2009 Human Rights Campaign dinner at which Obama spoke. Manning also meets with Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado and Congressman James P. Moran of Virginia during the course of his work for the HRC.