Sahar Dika
Hometown Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Show History
Season The Real World: New Orleans (2010)
Episodes 12
Social Media
Twitter Sahar_Dika
Instagram sahardika

Sahar Dika is a roommate on The Real World: New Orleans.


Sahar grew up in a conservative Arab community in Dearborn, MI. It would be easy to assume that because of that she's a submissive, conservative girl. But that would not be the case. She's a strong-willed, liberal Muslim who is not easily intimidated. Expect her to speak her mind. Sahar was fortunate to have parents who allowed her a bit more space to be herself; however, there are still things that she was forced to hide from her community, like her virginity... or lack thereof. Although in a vague long-distance relationship, Sahar is used to turning heads and is constantly crushing on boys-- but just wait until she meets roommate Eric! A budding singer/songwriter, Sahar looks to explore more of this career in New Orleans, no matter what anyone in her conservative community thinks.


After Real World

Sahar returned to Deaborn where she continued to work on her music and remained in a relationship with her boyfriend Pablo.

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