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Ryan Leslie
Ryan-03 700.jpg
Hometown Tempe, Arizona
Show History
Season The Real World: New Orleans (2010)
Episodes 12
Social Media
Twitter imryanleslie
Instagram imryanleslie

Ryan Leslie is a roommate on The Real World: New Orleans.


One part: unpredictable, two parts: ADHD and OCD, twenty-one year old Ryan is one of the most bizarre roommates in New Orleans. Whether it's his fascination with cold ears or his tendency to chase his roommates around the house naked, Ryan's high energy makes him the life of the party and chief instigator of the group. A legit hairstylist, Ryan is never far from his shears and blow dryer and is known to blow himself dry rather than use a towel. He ultimately wants to cut hair for rock stars and celebrities. Entirely unconcerned with how others perceive him, Ryan is in touch with his emotions and feminine side. He is charismatic, creative, and fun loving, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. This after battling with a variety issues, including both a rocky relationship with his father and depression. Extremely opinionated and unafraid to fight for the last word, Ryan will no doubt be at the front and center of any controversy in New Orleans.


After Real World

Ryan return to his father's salon in Arizona. He revealed at the reunion that his time in New Orleans made him want to stay in Arizona.