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Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Season Information
Season No. 32
Location Seattle, Washington
Season Run October 12, 2016 - January 4, 2017
No. of Episodes 12
Starring Anika Rashaun & Will Groomes
Jordan Anderson & Orlana Russell
Katrina Stack & Anna Stack
Mike Crescenzo & Peter Romeo
Robbie Padovano & Jennifer Geoghan
Theo Bradley & Kassius Bass
Tyara Hooks & Kimberly Johansson
Season Chronology
Previous Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Next The Real World: Atlanta

Real World Seattle: Bad Blood is the thirty-second season of the reality television series, Real World, which features seven strangers living in a house together as cameras follow their every move and interpersonal relationships.

Bad Blood is the second season to be filmed in Seattle, following season 7's The Real World: Seattle in 1998. It is also the third season to be filmed in the Pacific Northwest following season 28's The Real World: Portland.

It is the fourth season to feature a "twist", in a similar fashion to season 29's Ex-Plosion, where people who were once cool with the original roommates and now have a rift with them.

Season changes

This is the first season where the house does not have a phone room. This season, production provided the cast with smartphones where they can take pictures, have contact with each other, their families, and close friends.


Real World Season 32 house

Filming this season took place took place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. The cast stayed in a renovated office space turned loft at the Ballou Wright Building. There were initially three rooms this season until the secret rooms were revealed when the Bad Blood arrived.


Full cast (from left to right)
Top Row: Kassius, Katrina, Peter, Tyara, Anna, Will, Orlana
Bottom Row: Theo, Robbie, Jenn, Mike, Jordan, Kimberly, Anika

Initial Cast

Name Age Hometown Bad Blood
Anika Rashaun 24 Harlem, NY Will
Jordan Anderson 21 Chicago, IL Orlana
Katrina Stack 23 Minacopy, FL Anna
Mike Crescenzo 25 New York, NY Peter
Roobie Padovano 22 Morganville, NJ Jennifer
Theo Bradley 23 Kankakee, IL Kassius
Tyara Hooks 21 Alpharetta, GA Kimberly

Bad Blood

Name Age Hometown
Anna Stack 25 Orlando, FL
Jennifer Geoghan 24 Hoboken, NJ
Kassius Bass 21 Charleston, IL
Kimberly Johansson 23 Atlanta, GA
Orlana Russell 21 Ypsilanti, MI
Peter Romeo 24 Deerfield Beach, FL
Will Groomes 24 Philadelphia, PA


# Title Original Air Date Viewers (in millions)
1 "A Bloody Good Start" October 12, 2016 0.40
2 "Game Enough?" October 12, 2016 0.33
3 "Not The Show You Think It Is" October 19, 2016 0.33
4 "Sleep Mess in Seattle" October 26, 2016 0.33
5 "Fourteen's A Crowd" November 2, 2016 0.30
6 "Stacked Odds" November 9, 2016 0.34
7 "Petered Out" November 16, 2016 0.32
8 "Drop the Mike" November 30, 2016 0.40
9 "Blood Cousins" December 7, 2016 0.35
10 "Surprise!" December 16, 2016 0.34
11 "For the Love of Pete" December 23, 2016 0.35
12 "Bad Blood No More" January 4, 2017 0.34