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Real World: Skeletons
Season Information
Season No. 30
Location Chicago, Illinois
Season Run December 16, 2014 - March 10, 2015
No. of Episodes 13
Starring Bruno Bettencourt
Jason Hill
Madison Walls
Nicole Zanatta
Sylvia Elsrode
Tony Raines
Violetta Milerman
Season Chronology
Previous Real World: Ex-Plosion
Next Real World: Go Big or Go Home

Real World: Skeletons is the thirtieth season of the reality televison series, Real World, which features seven strangers living in a house together as cameras follow their every move and interpersonal relationships.

This season was filmed in Chicago in the West Loop area. Skeletons is the second season to be filmed in Chicago following The Real World: Chicago in 2002.

This is the second season to feature a twist following last season. This marked the first time that the show was aired on a night other than Wednesday since season 17's The Real World: Key West. It is also the first season to not have a reunion special following season 10's The Real World: Back to New York.

Season changes

In a similar fashion to Real World: Ex-Plosion, this season featured a twist. The roommates will spend two weeks together getting to know each other. Then, every week, one cast member is faced with a figure from the past, dubbed as "Skeletons". Unlike last season, the Skeletons will only stay in the house for a week.


Real World Season 30 house

The cast lived in the West Loop neighborhood in Chicago at 1100 W Randolph Street. The house was a former nightclub, named Bon V. During filming, an extra outdoor patio was installed for an outdoor space for the cast, but also as a way to block people from taking pictures of the inside.


The cast were given the option to pursue work at certain jobs approved by production. This season, the entire cast with the exception of Bruno worked in groups of two as bartenders, bar backs, and waiters at three Chicago Bars.


Full cast (from left to right)
Top Row: Violetta, Nicole, Bruno, Sylvia
Bottom Row: Jason, Madison, Tony

Name Age* Hometown
Bruno Bettencourt 24 East Providence, RI
Jason Hill 24 Raleigh, NC
Madison Walls 23 Austin, TX
Nicole Zanatta 23 Staten Island, NY
Sylvia Elsrode 25 Kansas City, MO
Tony Raines 26 Folsom, LA
Violetta Milerman 23 Sarasota, FL

Note (*): Age at the start of filming.


Name Skeleton to Connection Episodes
Alcia Sylvia Sylvia's boss 4-5
Elizabeth Tony Tony's exes 5-7
Alyssa 6-7
Jessica Violetta Violetta's bullies 8
Ashley Nicole Nicole's sisters 9
Briah Bruno Bruno's brother 10
Rachel Madison Madison's stepsister 11
Skyler Madison's ex 12
Lafayette Jason Jason's father 13


# Title Original Air Date Viewers (in millions)
1 "Skeleton Keys" December 16, 2014 0.65
2 "Love and Other Drugs" December 23, 2014 0.51
3 "Three Way" December 30, 2014 0.67
4 "Blast From the Past" January 4, 2015 0.84
5 "Dirty Laundry" January 11, 2015 0.81
6 "A Royal Nightmare" January 18, 2015 1.02
7 "All the King's Women" January 25, 2015 1.13
8 "Sarasota's Finest" February 3, 2015 0.94
9 "Where's the Beef?" February 10, 2015 0.99
10 "Brother in Arms" February 17, 2015 0.95
11 "Breaking Mad" February 24, 2015 0.86
12 "Wine and Roses" March 3, 2015 1.03
13 "The Final Skeleton" March 10, 2015 0.97