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Real World: Go Big or Go Home
Season Information
Season No. 31
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Season Run March 7, 2016 - May 26, 2016
No. of Episodes 12
Starring CeeJai Jenkins
Christopher Ammon
Dean Bart-Plange
Dione Miriani
Jenna Thomason
Kailah Casillas
Sabrina Kennedy
Dylan Moore
Season Chronology
Previous Real World: Skeletons
Next Real World Seattle: Bad Blood

Real World: Go Big or Go Home is the thirty-first season of the reality television series, Real World, which features seven strangers living in a house together as cameras follow their very move and interpersonal relationships.

Go Big or Go Home is the third season filmed in Las Vegas following The Real World: Las Vegas.

It is the third season to feature a twist. This season features a Road Rules-esque twist where the roommates will need to complete "missions" in order to guarantee their stay in the house.

Season changes

Each roommate will have to endure numerous challenges known as "missions" in order to stay in the house. If a roommate does not complete the mission, they will be removed from the house.

This is the first season to introduce another roommate later into the season that was not a replacement for a departed roommate.


Real World Season 31 house

The cast stayed in Downtown Las Vegas for this season. Like the previous Vegas installments, the cast stayed in a luxury penthouse in a hotel. This season, the cast lived in the Gold Spike Hotel in Downtown Vegas in their top floor penthouse. After filming, the Gold Spike used the penthouse as a luxury suite.


The roommates were allowed to pursue work approved by production during their stay in the house. Christopher and Kailah worked at Downtown Podcast in Las Vegas, but this went unaired.


Full cast (from left to right)
Top Row: Jenna, Dione, CeeJai
Bottom Row: Kailah, Dylan, Dean, Chris, Sabrina

Name Age* Hometown
CeeJai Jenkins 23 Atlanta, GA
Chris Ammon 23 Brooklyn, NY
Dean Bart-Plange 25 Los Angeles, CA
Dione Miriani 24 Cape Cod, MA
Jenna Thomason 22 Easley, SC
Kailah Casillas 22 Fort Meyers, FL
Sabrina Kennedy 21 Topsfield, MA
Dylan Moore 24 Charlotte, NC


  • (*) Age at the start of filming.
  • Dylan arrived as a mid-season twist and joined the house after completing the "Survive" mission.
  • CeeJai and Jenna were removed from the house in Episode 12 following two physical altercations.


Missions were tasks that the cast had to complete in order to remain a roommate in the Real World house. The mission titles were displayed along the wall where the house computer was. The missions will be revealed to the cast on the house computer. Missions were either assigned to the entire house, a portion of the house, or a single roommate.

Episode # Mission Description Participants Result Notes
1 1 Jump Bungee jump from a hot air balloon CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Jenna, Kailah, and Sabrina Complete
2 2 Drag Dress in drag for the night Chris, Dean, and Dione
3 Find Call a number that will help you find your biological mother Sabrina
3/4 4 Plunge Go blobbing CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Kailah, and Sabrina Jenna was unable to participate in the mission due to injuring her neck previously. The roommates were given a choice on whether she should stay or not. They chose to let her stay.
5 5 Phobia Endure 60 seconds of a poisonous spider crawling on you CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Jenna, Kailah, and Sabrina
6 Roll Fly a plane and do aeroacrobatics
7 Truth Reveal the truth about the leaks Chris This mission was not on the wall. This was a private mission given to Chris in the confessional.
6 8 Trek Trek up a mountain in under 90 minutes CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Jenna, Kailah, and Sabrina
7/10 9 Record Write and produce a song together Jenna and Sabrina The mission was introduced in Episode 7, but was not completed until episode 10.
7 10 Baller Throw a surprise birthday party for Dean CeeJai, Chris, Dione, Jenna, Kailah, and Sabrina
8 11 Spin DJ with the Stafford Brothers Kailah This mission was edited to seem like it was not a mission. CeeJai stated on Twitter that it was a mission and it can be seen on the wall.
9 12 Survive Survive the desert for 24 hours. CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Dylan, Jenna, Kailah, and Sabrina Dylan arrived as a surprise roommate. He had to complete this mission in order to guarantee his stay in the house.
9 13 Flaunt Perform at a male strip club Dean and Dylan
12 14 Soar Soar through the SlotZilla zipline on the Fermont Street Experience Chris, Dean, Dione, Dylan, Kailah, and Sabrina

Additional missions Fear, Yes, Speed, and Fall also took part but were not aired. Fear required Kailah to be in a cave of bats, Speed involved the cast driving rally trucks, Yes required Chris to say yes to what his roommates asked of him for the day, and Fall required the cast to rappel down a cliff. Fall did not include CeeJai and Jenna as both had been removed from the show by the time of the mission. Fall can be seen in the season's trailer.


# Title Original Air Date Viewers (in millions)
1 "The Big Leap" March 17, 2016 0.55
2 "If the Dress Fits... Wear It" March 24, 2016 0.50
3 "Disaster Down Under" March 31, 2016 0.48
4 "Unfriended" April 7, 2016 0.50
5 "The Leak" April 14, 2016 0.45
6 "Take a Hike" April 28, 2016 0.47
7 "The Tipping Point" May 5, 2016 0.47
8 "The Carny Queen" May 12, 2016 0.40
9 "Shaken and Stirred" May 12, 2016 0.39
10 "The Hits Keep Coming" May 19, 2016 0.37
11 "Southern Shame" May 26, 2016 0.45
12 "They All Go Home" May 26, 2016 0.38