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Real World: Ex-Plosion
Season Information
Season No. 29
Location San Francisco, California
Season Run January 8, 2014 – April 7, 2014
No. of Episodes 12
Starring Arielle Scott & Ashley Ceasar
Ashley Mitchell
Cory Wharton & Lauren Ondersma
Jamie Larson
Jay Mitchell & Jenna Compono
Jenny Delich & Brian Williams, Jr.
Thomas Buell & Hailey Chivers
Season Chronology
Previous The Real World: Portland
Next Real World: Skeletons

Real World: Ex-Plosion is the twenty-ninth season of the reality television series, Real World, which features seven strangers living in a house together as cameras follow their very move and interpersonal relationships.

Ex-Plosion was filmed in San Francisco, marking the second time the city has hosted the show since 1993's The Real World: San Francisco. It is also the sixth season to be filmed in California, following 2011's The Real World: San Diego.

This season marks many big changes to the show's format as it is the first season to feature a twist, which would be a continuing trend in the following seasons.

Season changes

In order to boost ratings back up again, production made many changes to the show's format this season. This season drops the "This is the true story..." opening and was replaced with a new opening.

The season starts off with the original seven roommates getting to know each other for six weeks. They will then go on an off-the-grid vacation, only to be surprised by their exes when they come back.


The cast was free to pursue any work approved by production. None of the cast, with the exception of Jenny, chose to pursue any work. Ashley C. had a full time job at a San Francisco start-up that she continued during filming. Arielle pursued a film project. Jenny was hired as a go-go dancer later into filming.

Real World Season 29 house


The cast lived at 1244 Sutter Street in San Francisco. The house was the former location of the Avalon Ballroom.


Full Cast (from left to right)
Top Row: Ashley C., Arielle, Jenna, Thomas, Jamie
Middle Row: Jay, Hailey, Jenny, Cory
Bottom Row: Ashley M., Brian, Lauren


Age* Residence Ex
Arielle Scott 24 Oakland, CA Ashley C.
Ashley Mitchell 26 San Francisco, CA N/A
Cory Wharton 22 Los Angeles, CA Lauren
Jamie Larson 22 Houston, TX N/A
Jay Mitchell 26 Bronx, NY Jenna
Jenny Delich 23 Los Angeles, CA Brian
Thomas Buell 21 Fort Worth, TX Hailey

Note (*): Age at the start of filming.

The Exes


Age* Residence
Ashley Ceasar 26 Oakland, CA
Brian Williams, Jr. 26 Kansas City, MO
Hailey Chivers 21 Fort Worth, TX
Jenna Compono 20 Wantagh, NY
Lauren Ondersma 23 Brooklyn, NY


# Title Original Air Date Viewership (in millions)
1 "Excess Baggage" January 8, 2014 0.94
2 "A Numbers Game" January 15, 2014 0.99
3 "The Departure" January 22, 2014 1.29
4 "Ex-otic Encounters" January 29, 2014 1.36
5 "Ex-Plosion" February 5, 2014 1.54
6 "First Love Fools" February 12, 2014 1.75
7 "The Test" February 19, 2014 1.45
8 "Betrayed and Beatdown" March 5, 2014 1.38
9 "Indecent Ex-posure" March 12, 2014 1.43
10 "Burned to Ashes" March 19, 2014 1.32
11 "It's Go Go Time" March 26, 2014 1.16
12 "The Ex-odus" April 2, 2014 1.18
- "Reunion" April 7, 2014 -