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Peter Romeo
Born December 4, 1990
Hometown Deerfield Beach, Florida
Show History
Season Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Episodes 10
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Peter Romeo is a roommate on Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. He is the Bad Blood to Mike, his former roommate who owed him $2000 from living together and has yet to pay him back.

Peter arrives in Portland with the rest of the Bad Blood believing that they would be participating in another show. It is then revealed that they will be moving into the house in Seattle as a twist. He is initially interested in Anna but grew apart due to Katrina's overprotectiveness over her sister. He then gets together with Jennifer.

The house becomes concerned with his aggressiveness with Jennifer. After an altercation between Jennifer and the Stack Sisters, Peter was removed from the house due to his consistent violence.


They say best friends should never live together -- and Peter and Mike are a prime example of this aforementioned statement. Before moving in, the two were best buddies and the ultimate party partners in crime -- but things took a turn when Peter broke their “no girlfriends” rule and, as Mike puts it, moved his girlfriend (of three days) Claryness into their bachelor pad. But before the ladylove issue, the boys took a guys' trip to Miami where Peter lent $2,000 to Mike, who was upfront about being broke. Mike promised to pay Peter back as soon as he had money, and the two lived it up during their vacay.

Fast-forward to their roommate dilemma: Mike became increasingly frustrated with Claryness, and the tension in the house further mounted. Eventually, it all came to a head as Claryness left Peter, and Peter ultimately blamed Mike for tearing them apart. Fed up, Mike moved out, and the looming $2,000 debt to Peter was out of sight, out of mind. Eventually, Mike left Peter a “heartfelt” message apologizing, but Peter was so furious with Mike at this point that he never returned the call. Peter was fed up with Mike’s neverending excuses and is glad to be rid of “the worst roommate he ever had.” Peter will tell you he’s one to hold a grudge -- and he’s certainly far from forgiving Mike for moving out on him, never paying him back and costing him the love of his love. Can these former best friends find a way to move past their beef, or will revenge be the only payment Peter accepts?

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