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Neil Forrester
Born January 3, 1971
Hometown Oxford, England
Show History
Season The Real World: London
Episodes 23
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Neil Forrester is a roommate on The Real World: London


Neil, a graduate of Oxford University's Wadham College, is taking time off from his Ph.D. studies in experimental psychology to play in London with his band. An advocate of body piercing, 24-year-old Neil describes his music as "noise." His tongue-in-cheek ultimate goal is "world domination of techno sleaze." For Neil, the toughest part of living in The Real World is the separation from his girlfriend Chrys and the prospect of sharing a room.


After Real World

Neil received his masters in psychology from Oxford and works as a management consultant in London. He continues to perform with his band "Unilever," who performed at the wrap party for The Real World Boston and have released their debut album, Smorgasbord. He recently co-hosted the upcoming The Real World You Never Saw home video with Flora (of the Miami cast) and hopes to move to the U.S. soon. Neil still lives in London with his fiancée Gilly and their daughter Scarlett. He received his masters in psychology from Oxford and currently works for an Internet company that is creating the first Web currency,


Challenge seasons

Challenge seasons Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
Real World/Road Rules Challenge None N/A $2,206

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