Melissa Howard
Born February 12, 1977
Hometown Tampa, Florida
Show History
Season The Real World: New Orleans (2000)
Episodes 23
Social Media
Twitter melissabeck

Melissa Howard is a roommate on The Real World: New Orleans


Melissa has no problem putting her priorities in order: eating, drinking, sleeping, personal hygiene, and giggling. This 22-year-old, 5-foot-2-inch bundle of manic wit readily admits that she doesn't get along too well with other women: "I'm really co-dependent. I need crazy, mad attention from guys." Melissa thrives on boy drama and conflict. As any of her friends will attest, she is the funniest person they know--"a half-black, half-Filipino Chris Rock," one pal describes. Her parents are the subject of some of her funniest descriptions (such as the two of them spending an evening watching scrambled porno). Mom is a very traditional Filipino woman who actually prepares two dinners a night for her husband in case he isn't in the mood for the first selection. Melissa is eager to get out of Tampa, which she finds to be full of close-minded people.


After Real World

Melissa is now being featured on the Oxygen Network's Girls Behaving Badly, an all-girl comedy show dubbed as Sex and the City meets Jackass. She lives in Los Angeles, CA where she enjoys long walks on the beach alone (not really) and weekly pedicures. You can visit her on her website where she discusses her love of sushi and Justin Timberlake and also recounts her awesome experiences with the Real World!


The Challenge seasons

Challenges Challenges won Elimination Record Total Money Earned
Battle of the Sexes None N/A $0
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