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Lauren Ondersma
Lauren O.jpg
Born January 1, 1990
Hometown Brooklyn, New York
Show History
Season Real World: Ex-Plosion
Episodes 3
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Lauren Ondersma is one of the exes on Real World: Ex-Plosion. Lauren is Cory's ex, whom she has been on-and-off with since the seventh grade. Her stay in the Real World house is cut short after a pregnancy scare. Although it is not Cory's child, it causes tension between the two.


Her explosive temper is the main reason that she and Cory are exes. Although, Cory has given Lauren reason not to trust him with his cheating and lies, Lauren still believes there is hope for a future together and that they can make their relationship work. Quitting her job at a hair salon in Brooklyn, Lauren couldn’t be more eager to join the Real World to reunite with Cory. Her excitement was short lived upon her arrival into the house because Cory was starting to bond with roommate Jenny and Lauren complicates his “friends with benefits” relationship. Will this aspiring hair salon owner find love in the end and have a friendship with her on again off again ex?

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After Real World

It is revealed at the reunion that Lauren was indeed not pregnant. She still keeps in touch with Cory.