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Laura Waller
Born November 1, 1988
Hometown Ohama, Nebraska
Show History
Season The Real World: St. Thomas
Episodes 12
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Laura Waller is a roommate on The Real World: St. Thomas. Laura was adopted and one day hopes to find her biological parents after she had found letters from them only six months before filming. After being an "ugly duck" until her junior year of high school, Laura describes herself as a huge flirt. Laura comes into St. Thomas single after breaking up with her boyfriend back home. She develops a romance with Trey.


Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, this corn-fed cutie got an unusual present from her adoptive parents when she was born: a shotgun. Extremely sporty and outdoorsy, Laura's passion is leading her towards a career as a wilderness guide. Though Laura grew up in a strict household full of antiques and needlepoint, this ugly-duckling turned swan is anything but a conservative country girl. After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Laura has really let her inner party girl fly free. A former cheerleader for much of her life, she now does a standing backflip while drinking to test how drunk she is. In high school, Laura was booed out of the men's locker room for wanting to join the football team. So instead she tried out and made first string quarterback for the Lingerie Football League. She is also a master flirt who has high standards for the men in her life. That doesn't mean that Laura dates less frequently, she's just a pro at finding hot guys. Maybe she'll put her expertise to use in the Real World house with Trey. The problem is Laura has a reputation for falling fast and hard. Will history repeat itself?

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After Real World

Laura returned to Nebraska where she enjoys fishing with her cousin. She along with Marie, Robb, and Trey traveled to Turkey to compete on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

In 2016, Laura gave birth to her first daughter, Aveya Rian.

The Challenge appearances

Challenges Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
Battle of the Seasons (2012) None 1 (1 loss) $0

Notes: Challenges in bold indicate that Laura was a finalist on that season.

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