Kelley Limp
Born October 14, 1976
Hometown Fayetteville, Arkansas
Show History
Season The Real World: New Orleans (2000)
Episodes 23
Social Media
Twitter kelleywolfcoach
Instagram kelleywolf

Kelley Limp is a roommate on The Real World: New Orleans


Twenty-one-year-old Kelley has a way of getting whatever she wants. She's blessed with stunning beauty and cunning charm. She's opinionated, sassy and strong-willed. At the same time, she's loyal to her girlfriends and very close to her family. Kelley gives it to you straight--she's secure enough to tell it like it is whenever she has a problem with someone. In her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, she's used to walking into a bar (a place she loves to be) and having heads turn and lines form. Watch out, New Orleans.


After Real World

Kelley married Scott Wolf (Bailey from Party of Five) in June of 2004. She works in television marketing in Los Angeles.


The Challenge seasons

Challenges Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
Battle of the Seasons (2002) Battle of the Seasons (2002) N/A $50,000

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that Kelley was a finalist on that season.

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