Josh Colon
Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Show History
Season The Real World: D.C.
Episodes 14
Social Media
Twitter IamJoshColon

Josh Colon is a roommate on The Real World: D.C..


Josh has Philly pride, but that doesn't mean this twenty-three year old wants to serve up Philly cheese steaks for the rest of his life. This Puerto Rican/Italian glam rocker/rapper has dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry with his punk-funkadelic sound. Always one to look his sharpest, Josh is the quintessential ladies' man. He says girls are his "kryptonite," which could prove problematic as he tries to stay faithful to his girlfriend back home. Afterall, D.C.'s nightlife will offer more than a few temptations. Will D.C. be the place where Josh can realize his dreams? And when it's all over, will he still have a girlfriend to share them with?


After Real World

Josh returned to Philadelphia and continued with Wicked Liquid. The band released an EP on iTunes as well as working on a solo project. By the time of the reunion, Josh was single.

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