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Jordan Anderson
Jordan A.jpg
Born June 1, 1995
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Show History
Season Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Episodes 12
Social Media
Twitter jordiedanielle
Instagram jordiedanielle

Jordan Anderson is an original roommate on Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. She is a model and part-time hair stylist.

Her Bad Blood is her former best-friend Orlana, who she grew apart from after high school.

In the house, Jordan develops a romantic relationship with Mike. Their romance quickly sours after Mike says some offensive comments about African Americans. She eventually patches up her relationship with Orlana and solves their conflict.


A wild and sexual girly girl and a hippy tomboy may seem like an unlikely duo, but Jordan and Orlana spent years being the best of friends. However, the friendship came to a halt when a video of Orlana’s crush surfaced on Jordan’s social media. Orlana felt betrayed by Jordan, especially since the clip was recorded inside his bedroom. Orlana is known to be super-jealous when it comes to guys, and she was shocked that Jordan would allow this to happen -- and she also felt that Jordan began to choose sex, partying and superficiality over their longstanding friendship.

Another tension-filled situation between the gals: Jordan once forced Orlana into a double-date situation -- with Jordan ending up in the bedroom, while Orlana was left on the couch with a “creepy” guy she didn't like. The tendency for Jordan to be self-centered in their friendship was a large issue for Orlana. But incidents with men wasn't the only reason the duo had difficulties: Orlana felt that they were growing apart due to differences on issues like race. Specifically, Orlana believes that Jordan is racist because of her disinterest in black men (Jordan’s mother is African American). Both Orlana and Jordan’s families hope the two can mend their five-year friendship, but unless Jordan can humble herself for an apology, this feud will stay intact.


After Real World

Not much has changed in Jordan's life after the show. She does get recognized often. She is still modeling and doing hair, and she hopes to use the show as a platform for other things to come. Jordan's relationship with Orlana is going back to where it used to be. They still talk every few days.