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Jasmine Reynaud
Born November 29, 1986
Hometown Friendswood, Texas
Show History
Season The Real World: Cancun
Episodes 12
Social Media
Twitter LadyFougere
Instagram jazmtv

Jasmine Reynaud is a roommate on The Real World: Cancun.


Don't be fooled by the small package. The five foot tall, ninety-five pound Jasmine has a lot to say and no problem saying it. But despite her hard edge, she wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving it in constant danger of being trampled. According to her friends, Jasmine has the absolute worst taste in men and always chooses unreliable players who treat her like dirt. And things are no different in Cancun. But this former competitive cheerleader thrives to be the center of attention, especially if other women are around, which creates an interesting dynamic among the female roommates, especially Jonna. And she loves to party, but in Cancun, the trick is knowing when to stop.


After Real World

Jasmine returned to Houston after filming ended and continued to pursue professional cheerleading and teaching. She planned on moving to New York with Emilee. She went on to do five seasons of The Challenge. She is now married to her husband in Massachusetts, and welcomed her daughter, Madelyn, in 2015 and her son, James-Lloyd, in 2018.

Challenge seasons

Challenges Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Free Agents
All Stars 2
None 6 (1 win, 5 losses) $0

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