Genesis Moss
Born April 19, 1976
Hometown Gulfport, Mississippi
Show History
Season The Real World: Boston
Episodes 23
Social Media
Twitter tastyvino
Instagram tastyvino

Genesis Moss is a roommate on The Real World: Boston


From Gulfport, Mississippi, 20-year-old Genesis initially appears to be a genuine Southern Belle: beautiful and polite, with a charming Southern drawl. In reality, Genesis has no problem telling people exactly how it is. "When I open my mouth, most people are shocked to know that I speak my mind clearly, don't take any s**t, and I am very much a liberal," she says. Genesis is very open about her sexuality; she knew from a very young age that she was gay. Up until she moved in with her new housemates in Boston, she lived with her girlfriend Tammy.


After Real World

Genesis is living in Orlando, Florida and pursuing a career in the health and fitness industry. She is extremely sought-after on the college lecture circuit. She is dating casually, but is not seriously involved with anyone. Genesis continues to live in the Orlando, Florida area with her spouse Paige (they were married in Las Vegas with castmate Elka as a witness). She has worked in real estate and is a successful Web designer.


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