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El Mundo Real: Ciudad de México
Season Information
Season No. 1
Location Mexico City, Mexico
Season Run June 13, 2019 - present
Starring Dany Tores
Diego Garciasela
Emilio Bentancourt
Isreal Nonthe

Mafer Valdés
Melissa Gómez
Sofia Rivera

Season Chronology

El Mundo Real: Ciudad de México (translated as The Real World: Mexico City) is the first season of El Mundo Real, the Mexican version of the American reality series, The Real World. It is an online-exclusive season streamed on Facebook Watch that shares a similar format to The Real World: Atlanta.

Season changes

El Mundo Real shares a similar format to The Real World: Atlanta. Both seasons aired on Facebook Watch, however, El Mundo Real is targeted towards the Latinx audience. Weekly episodes aired on the service as long as dailies throughout the week.


In comparison to most seasons of the show, the Ciudad de México cast was not required to have a job while filming. However, some of the cast did work or looked for work while filming took place. María Fernanda finds a job as a stylist during the season, and by the end, Diego briefly works as a server at a bar located nearby the cast's residence. Sofía continued working as a model and TV presenter, jobs she had already booked prior to film the show, and her modeling was highlighted several times throughout this season's run.


Full Cast (from left to right): Israel, Mafer, Dany, Diego, Sofia, Emilio and Melissa

Name Age Hometown
Daniela "Dany" Torres 25 Guadalajara, Jailsco
Diego Garciasela 19 Cuernavaca, Morelos
Emilio Bentancourt 21 Guadalajara, Jalisco
Israel "El Chikitin" Nonthe 24 Cardonal, Hidalgo
María Fernanda "Mafer" Valdés 22 Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz
Melissa Gómez 22 Tijuana, Baja California
Sofía Rivera Torres 26 Mexico City


Episode Title Original Air Date
1 "Week 1: The Real World is in Mexico City" June 13, 2019
2 "Week 2: The House Breaks Up" June 20, 2019
3 "Week 3: Roommate Misunderstandings" June 27, 2019
4 "Week 4: Welcome to My World!" July 4, 2019
5 "Week 5: It's All About Love" July 11, 2019
6 "Week 6: The Truth Comes to Light" July 18, 2019
7 "Week 7: Out of the Comfort Zone" July 25, 2019
8 "Week 8: First Loves" August 1, 2019
9 "Week 9: All About What Really Matters" August 8, 2019
10 "Week 10: Vacation Time!" August 15, 2019
11 "Week 11: I'm Not Running, I'm Not Screaming, I'm Not Pushing" August 22, 2019
12 "Week 12: Every Beginning, Has an End" August 29, 2019