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Devyn Simone
Devyn Singles 110.jpg
Born February 6, 1988
Hometown Kansas City, Missouri
Show History
Season The Real World: Brooklyn
Episodes 13
Social Media
Twitter DevynSimone
Instagram devynsimone

Devyn Simone is a roommate on The Real World: Brooklyn.


A winner of Miss Missouri Teen and Miss America Teen pageants, this beauty queen is the epitome of a girlie-girl. Devyn may be easy on the eyes, but she's tough on anyone who stands in her way. The 20-year-old Missouri native lives for the limelight, whether it's center stage or at the center of the club. Her flirtatious behavior allows her to get what she wants without putting out. Known as a tease, she lives by the quote: "It is easier to get into Heaven than into Devyn." She is talented singer, actress, dancer and writer, and hopes to be part of the entertainment industry. Although recently free from her live-in boyfriend, she has no problem juggling multiple suitors.


After Real World

Devyn went on to live in New York with Baya and Scott after the season ended.

She hosted the TLC series, Love at First Swipe. The series ran for 14 episodes total. She has also hosted episodes of The Wendy Williams Show as well as two specials for The Challenge.

Devyn got engaged in 2015. Devyn currently hosts The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath.

Challenge seasons

Challenges Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
Battle of the Seasons (2012), Free Agents None 1 (1 win) $25,000

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that Devyn was a finalist on those seasons.

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