Cory Murphy
Born  August 7, 1971
Hometown Fresno, California
Show History
Season The Real World: San Francisco
Episodes 20
Social Media

Cory Murphy is a roommate on The Real World: San Francisco


Twenty-year-old Cory is a junior at the University of California, San Diego, where her major is undecided. To help with college expenses, Cory has been working as a hostess at an Italian restaurant. Cory loves the outdoors and counts photography as one of her hobbies. Cory says that the most important issue facing her is what she will do with her life when she graduates from college.


After Real World

Cory resides in Los Angeles, California with her housemate Norman (from the New York cast) and works freelance in art deparments for various television and commercial projects. Cory is teaching in Costa Rica for the summer after teaching 7th grade in Seal Beach, California. She previously was a freelancer in art departments for various television and commercial projects in the Los Angeles area. She also stars in Norman's new movie The Wedding Video.


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