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Clint Wright
Born May 11, 1991
Hometown Potterville, Michigan
Show History
Season Atlanta
Social Media
Instagram eastwood100

Clint Wright is a roommate on The Real World: Atlanta. He is a farmer on his family farm from Michigan who describes himself as a hopeless romantic and hopes to someday take over his family farm. Clint was voted into the house through a Facebook poll before filming started. Clint initially conflicts with Justin after feeling uncomfortable about a conversation on race. Clint expresses an immediate attraction to Tovah when moving in. The two develop a relationship, but his controlling behavior towards her becomes a concern to the rest of the house, along with his drinking habits. His drunken antics get him into conflict with Dondre and Meagan. On his birthday towards the end of the season, he disappears from the cast and the production crew, and he is sent home.