Chris Tamburello
Chris 2.jpg
Born July 16, 1980
Hometown Quincy, Massachusetts
Show History
Season The Real World: Paris
Episodes 24
Social Media
Twitter TheOfficial_CT
Instagram _famous4nothing

Chris "CT" Tamburello is a roommate on The Real World: Paris.


Chris (aka CT) is a hard-working young man currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the University of Massachusetts. Besides going to school, CT works full-time at night as a bartender at a nightclub near his college. He believes there is nothing he can't accomplish if he sets his mind to it. It's this confidence--or borderline cockiness--that makes CT so appealing. Rather than making choices to please the rest of the world, CT does what's right for him. Despite CT's independent nature, he deeply values loyalty and remains closely connected to his family. With his dark, brooding good looks and mysterious nature, CT is never lacking when it comes to women. CT is a man of few words, but when he speaks of something of importance he captivates everyone around him.


After Real World

CT has done multiple seasons of The Challenge since his time in Paris and became the show's most popular contestant. He became notable for his relationship with Diem Brown, who lost her hard fought battle with ovarian cancer in 2015. After Diem's death, CT took a break from The Challenge before returning on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, where it was revealed that he had a son named CJ. He then married the mother, Lillette which was depicted on The Challenge: CT Gets Married special.

The Challenge seasons

Challenges Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Final Reckoning, War of the Worlds, War of the Worlds 2, Total Madness, Double Agents
Champs vs. Pros, Champs vs. Stars
(2017), Champs vs. Stars (2018)
Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions, War of the Worlds 2, Double Agents
Champs vs. Stars (2017), Champs vs. Stars (2018)
10 (5 wins, 5 losses) $965,000
$112,950 for charity

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that CT was a finalist on that season.

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