Bruno Bettencourt
Born November 6, 1990
Hometown East Providence, Rhode Island
Show History
Season Real World: Skeletons
Episodes 13
Social Media
Twitter BrunoBttencourt

Bruno Bettencourt is a roommate on Real World: Skeletons. He is a fitness fanatic with a short temper. His skeleton is his estranged brother Briah, whom he has not spoken to in years after a huge fight.


This stylish sensitive ladies man from East Providence loves to dress to impress and spends 30 minutes a day sprucing his hair. Born in Portugal, on the island of Pico, Bruno was raised with old-fashioned values and following Portuguese traditions such as a ceremonial slaughtering of pigs. He loved his time on the island and even had his own pet cow! Although he has close with his father, their relationship was filled with tough love. Bruno was raised with tough love, sent to a Catholic school where discipline was not always verbal, and as a result, developed a bad temper. When he moved to the states, Bruno was bullied because he didn’t speak English very well. Bruno has a tough exterior, and isn’t intimidated by anyone. Once Bruno was arguing with his then girlfriend and stormed out of the house in a huff. While walking through the snow he was hit by a car going almost 50 mph and had to reteach himself how to walk and talk again. Despite the life altering experience, Bruno wears his scars proudly like a tattoo and feels the accident taught him to let go of his anger. Quite stubborn, Bruno hasn’t spoken to his brother Briah (a model in NYC) in three years because of a petty argument. Bruno is excited to test the waters outside of his small town in Providence and bring his unique style, culture and attitude to the Real World.

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After Real World

The Challenge appearances

Challenges Challenges won Elimination Record Total Money Earned
Invasion of the Champions None 1 (1 loss) $0

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