Averey Tressler
Born January 10, 1991
Hometown Tempe, Arizona
Show History
Season The Real World: Portland
Episodes 12
Social Media
Twitter ave_tress
Instagram avereytressler

Averey Tressler is a roommate on The Real World: Portland. She is of Mexican, Native American, and European roots who takes pride at her job at Hooters. She prefers to focus on other aspects of her looks rather than just makeup and jewelry. During her stay, Averey develops a romantic relationship with Johnny.


Averey, an exotic mix of Mexican, Native American and European heritage, is a Hooters girl and proud of it. Averey doesn't like it when people make a big fuss about her looks. She prefers to be appreciated for her other qualities and in fact, rarely wears makeup or jewelry. But don't let Averey's sunny and laid back demeanor fool you into thinking she's lived a charmed life. With a father who has never been in her life and a very strained relationship with her mother, Averey is bringing her dog Daisy, her only piece of home, to Portland with her. She is also extremely independent and has always worked for her own money. Averey's mentally unstable mother dragged her family through her own abusive relationships, and at the age of fifteen Averey moved out and lived with her friend's family. As soon as she could, she left her small town in Michigan, abandoned her college career, and moved to Arizona where she threw herself into an intense relationship that quickly turned ugly. Unlike her mother, Averey was strong enough to get out, but the whole ordeal left her reluctant to trust her heart to a guy. And yet, Averey will be the first to admit that she's extremely sexual and will try anything once. When it comes to sex, she's insatiable which both excites and scares her housemate Johnny. Sparks fly between the two, but will he ever be able to keep up with her wild ways and keep her satisfied? And speaking of satisfaction, will Averey be able to open up to Johnny and trust again after being hurt by guys so many times before?

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After Real World

Averey initially returned to Arizona before moving to Boston with Johnny two months later. She said she regretted leaving her Hooters job, but she worked as a bartender when she lived in Boston. Between that time and filming for The Challenge: Free Agents, Averey and Johnny broke up.

The Challenge appearances

Challenges Challenges Won Eliminations Money Won
Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III None 3 (2 wins, 1 loss) $0

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that Averey was a finalist on that season.

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