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Ashley Mitchell
Ashley M.jpg
Born August 7, 1987
Hometown San Francisco, California
Show History
Season Real World: Ex-Plosion
Episodes 5
Social Media
Instagram mtvashleybrooke

Ashley Mitchell is one of the original roommates on Real World: Ex-Plosion. This pageant queen and aspiring model is originally from West Virginia. Her drunken, aggressive behavior towards her roommates gets her voted out by the rest of the house in Episode 3. She visits the house in Episode 10 to go on a night out with Jenny.


This pageant queen beauty is a force to reckon with — her stunning looks and tough personality are all she needs to get the attention that she craves from her numerous male friends. A San Francisco transplant, originally from West Virginia, Ashley’s bubbly personality and her connection to all of the late night hot spots were welcomed by the roommates, but after some time she clashed with a few of them as they began to question who Ashley really was – especially Jamie. Will the roommates give this party girl another chance or leave her floating off into the San Francisco sunset?

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After Real World

Not much is known about Ashley's life after leaving the Real World house. During the reunion, Ashley was brought out to discuss her time in the house. Her ex-fiancee, who would've been her ex if she stayed, was interviewed as well. However, she has become a growing staple on The Challenge, where she has won two seasons and held the spot for the contestant to win the most money in Challenge history before being beaten out by Johnny Bananas in 2020.

The Challenge appearances

Challenges Challenges won Eliminations Money Won
Rivals III, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Final Reckoning, War of the Worlds, War of the Worlds 2, Total Madness, Double Agents, Spies, Lies & Allies Invasion of the Champions, Final Reckoning 8 (3 wins, 5 losses) $1,121,250
Champs vs. ProsChamps vs. StarsChamps vs. Stars 2 None 4 (2 wins, 2 losses) $4,200 for charity

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that Ashley was a finalist on that season.

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