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Ashley Lindley
Born January 9, 1987
Hometown Houston, Texas
Show History
Season The Real World: D.C.
Episodes 14
Social Media
Twitter ashleylindley
Instagram ashleylindleyshaffer

Ashley Lindley is a roommate on The Real World: D.C..


Ashley is a Portuguese beauty, with a hot temper and a blunt demeanor. She's passionate and compassionate...and very opinionated, especially when it comes to heated topics like politics and religion. Ashley might be the most politically aware of the eight roommates. She was an Obama delegate from Vegas, and she will debate anyone, anytime about anything. And she'll be happy to tell you why she's right. She reads voraciously and knows her stuff, but will she turn that passion into opportunity in D.C.? Ashley is a self proclaimed "walking oxymoron" - the smart one who didn't go to college, the tomboy who wears dresses, the liberal Christian, the bitchy caregiver. Newly single, Ashley has her sights set on the guys of D.C.


After Real World

Ashley reconnected with her mother after two years of not speaking to one another. She then went on to pursue an acting career with a few credits in 2011. In 2014, she married Daniel Shaffer and spoke up about batlling a debiliating infection.