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Arissa Hill
Arissa 2.jpg
Born April 29, 1979
Hometown Malden, Massachusetts
Show History
Season The Real World: Las Vegas (2002)
Episodes 28
Social Media
Twitter MissArissa
Instagram missarissa

Arissa Hill is a roommate on The Real World: Las Vegas.


"A tough girl with a heart of gold" is how friends and family describe Arissa. Blessed with brains and beauty, this half-black, half-Italian firecracker will literally give you her last dollar if you need it; but she'll also gladly give a kick in the ass if you need that, as well. Raised in the projects by a single mother who worked two jobs in order to make ends meet, Arissa learned early on how to be self-sufficient and get along wherever she goes. This ability to adapt to various environments is partly rooted in her aspirations of transcending the projects and taking on the world. She is determined to be a success and to experience life to its fullest. But this self-determination never blinds her to the well-being of people around her. She is deeply compassionate and has been known to put the needs of others before her own.


After Real World

On Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas, it was revealed that Arissa moved back to Vegas after the season ended. She married a bodyguard she met, but the relationship fell through after she appeared on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2.

The Challenge seasons

Challenge seasons Challenges won Eliminations Money won
Battle of the Sexes 2 None N/A $0
All Stars None N/A $0

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that Arissa was a finalist on that season.

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