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Anna Stack
Born January 23, 1991
Hometown Orlando, Florida
Show History
Season Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Episodes 10
Social Media
Twitter stackanna

Anna Stack is a roommate of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. She arrived in the house in Episode 4 as her sister Katrina's Bad Blood.


Simply put, the siblings butt heads over everything and have a tendency to endure long bouts of silence and resentment toward each other (usually prompted by Anna’s mood swings and Katrina’s selfish tendencies). Their disagreements have even turned physical, and police were involved after one tension-filled incident in their mom's driveway. The best way to describe their bond is hot and cold: At times, the Florida natives can hang out and have wild outings together, but their hangouts always quickly turn into dramatic fireworks. Though complete opposites, they will still defend each other -- but when they’re “off,” the pair can go months without speaking (their current status). The root of Katrina's resentment toward Anna stems from their parents (who are now divorced). Katrina -- who is two years younger -- feels that their mom and dad often compared the two of them, and that “Anna was always the perfect child,” while she was the opposite. These two have an explosive dynamic that will rear its ugly head when they don’t have the option of ignoring each other after a disagreement -- and the house will be the ultimate test for them to resolve or potentially further their problems, which are plentiful.

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After Real World

After filming, Anna returned home and got a new job as am Orlando representative for a wine and spirits distributor. Anna and her sister do not talk as much after the show, but they still see each other on holidays with their family.