Anastasia Miller
Born June 3, 1990
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Show History
Season The Real World: Portland
Episodes 12
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Anastasia Miller is a roommate on The Real World: Portland. She is a model and an aspiring singer.


In Portland, nothing is truly complete until you put a bird on it, so it's only appropriate that Anastasia's nickname is "Bird". It doesn't just have to do with the fact that she is 5'11" like a certain big and yellow character on Sesame Street, but also that she is always going on adventures-- getting an idea and flitting up, up and away with it. With "legs for days", Anastasia has done some promotional modeling, but she wasn't always that girl. Awkward and dorky in high school, she didn't blossom until she was 19 years old. "Bird" still maintains some of that nerdy side --she can't get enough Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. She is majoring in Journalism and wants a job where her voice will be heard. Anastasia had a rough childhood, living with her mom while her alcoholic father was in and out of jail. Her friend also recently passed away in an accident with a drunk driver. As a result of these traumas, Anastasia has a lot of alcohol-related baggage, which may prove difficult in Portland when all the other roommates are drinking and partying. While she comes off light and goofy, Anastasia also has an explosive nature that seems to come out of nowhere. With a combination of being easily offended and very outspoken, Anastasia does not hold back when she feels like someone is treating her poorly. Still though, she craves human connection and proves herself to be a very good friend to all in The Real World house. With a boyfriend back home that she loves, Anastasia will have to navigate a house full of single people, but will her unlucky-in-love past follow her to Portland and cause this Bird to fly the coop?

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After Real World

After leaving the Real World house, Anastasia returned to Detroit where she is finishing her degree and is currently working on her music. Shortly after filming, she, Jordan, Marlon, and Jessica went to Thailand to film The Challenge.

The Challenge appearances

Challenges Challenges won Elimination Record Total Money Earned
Rivals II None 1 (1 loss) $0

Note: Challenges in bold indicate that Anastasia was a finalist on that season.

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